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How to Install 8 Ball Pool (Android and Pc)

In this article, I will show you how to install 8 Ball Pool on Android and Pc(Laptop). First, start with Android.

Installation of 8 Ball Pool on Android (Method 1)

Go to Playstore, and search for 8 Ball Pool and click on the Install button. Now the installation process will begin. Wait until it downloads & installs 8 Ball Pool automatically.

Installation of 8 Ball Pool on Android (Method 2)

If you want to install 8 Ball Pool manually. Let’s Begin!

First, go to Google and search for “8 ball pool apk”.

8 Ball Pool apk

Now find your Favourite Site from Google’s Search or go to 8 Ball Pool Apk Download Page Now

Scroll Download and Click on the “Download Apk” button. like This!

Download 8 ball pool apk

After Downloading this apk file. Open it and click on it to Install. If you have already Allowed Installation from Unknown source then you have to do nothing just wait until it finishes the installation process. If not Follow me. First, understand what is it saying?

By Default, Unknow source files like, apk files (meaning the apk files that come from an unknown source like websites) are blocked for some of the security reasons. By Enabling this you have risks of security threats etc.

But no worries, This File is 100% Virus Free. To do your phone allows this permission, Please Follow these steps

  1. Go to Settings, Search for “Unknown” in search tap.
  2. Find Unknow Source there
  3. After you find, click on it
  4. once click on Allow unknown Source,
  5. All done!

Now open the apk file again and install it. After waiting for some minutes, you have your game.

Pc Installation

Miniclip has assigned a web version of 8 Ball Pool for pc Users. But most players do not like it. Because it has some limitations. Like, you can not play matches with your Android friends/Players. After the end, you will be able to play 8 Ball Pool Android version on your Pc(Laptop).

For High-end Pc

If you have a high-end pc, That’s Great! First Go to Bluestacks and download the latest version. Open the file and Install it. Then, Sync your Google Account with android(It will force to do). Now you have access to Playstore. Install 8 Ball Pool from here. If you do not how to Install go to the top to read.

For Low-end Pc

If you have 2gb ram or less. You may face the Blue/Black screen issue while playing 8 Ball Pool. However, you can still download and install Bluestacks in order to install and play 8 Ball Pool. Here is the solution:

First Download and install Bluestacks beta version: Download Beta Version Now. If you do not know how to install Here are its instructions: (see below images)

Note: Installation can take 10-15 minutes depends upon your pc. It also have to download its game data.

After all, done. launch the Bluestacks app. Now one more problem here, you can not access Playstore here. To overcome this problem, Here is the solution if found:

Download Apk file of 8 Ball Pool as described already. After download, click to open this file, It will start the installation of 8 Ball Pool using Bluestacks App Handler. If your file is not displaying Bluestacks icon or not opening in Blustacks hander, do the following steps: (see below images)

After doing these steps, It will install 8 Ball Pool. Open it and Enjoy!

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