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How to Create Miniclip ID

If you are having trouble creating a new Miniclip ID. Today, I will show you simple method to create a secure and non-hackable account. Miniclip ID’s often gone hacked. Because of security holes. To avoid hacking you can try this method. So, let’s create an account first:

Create an Email address first:

The First thing you need to have before creating Miniclip Id is an email address. There are several email address providers. Here are some of them you can try,

  1. Google Account (Gmail)
  2. Yahoo mail
  3. Microsoft Account (Hotmail & Outlook)

I will recommend you Google Account because it is most secure. I hope you have created your account now.

Create a Miniclip Account:

After creating an email address, It’s time to sign up for Miniclip Id. Go to Miniclip

click on sign up button here
  1. Click on signup (a popup will display)
  2. Now fill all your information including your newly created email Id. and click on Create Account. Like this,
fill all signup requirements

Here, Miniclip says you to confirm your registration by clicking on a confirmation link in the email. Like this,


3. Open your email account and open your confirmation message to further confirm your id, by clicking on a link

Note that the email will be sent to you by “Miniclip community” I have also shown you in the below screenshot:

Confirmation email

4. After clicking on the provided link, you have all set.

5. Congrats! You have successfully created your Account. Enjoy

How to Avoid Miniclip account Hacking:

Miniclip has not a much-secured account system like other games. Hackers can easily hack these Ids by brute force attacks etc. To avoid this, I will recommend you to create a secure Account Password. You can use these password generators:

  1. Norton Password Generator (the company behind the most secured and well-known antivirus program called Norton Lifelock.)
  2. Random Password Generator by Avast (by the good company, Avast)

You can trust these Password Generators. They generate more secure and hard to guess passwords.

How can I change my Account Password?

You can change your account password by going to Miniclip Settings.

Can I change my Username after Creating an account?

Miniclip says no. But you can try checking My Article. Check Now

Can I change my account email after one?

Yes, you can do it by just going to Settings. Go Now. Remember to log in Miniclip first before accessing this link.

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