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Cues are the backbone of 8 Ball Pool Players. A great cue collection represents the level of the Player. A great cue in 8 Ball Pool help to win lots of matches easily. cues are unlocked as you play more in-game. With the help of good cue, you have the chance to win matches If you use all its features. First I will tell you the need of 8 Ball Pool cue and then in last, I will give you best 8 Ball Pool cue reward.

Cues have wide range of built-in features like, Spin, Power and force etc. With spin you can control your cue ball after it hits. You must also knows how much power is required to apply your shots. To overcome this problem it is recommended to play with one cue. Practice offline with your favourite cue help you win easily. You can also upgrade your cue to next level.

Today legendary cues are most popular among the 8 Ball Pool Players. the reason behind its popularity is its Features. There are about 22 Legendary cues. You can unlock them by getting Legendary Boxes. With these boxes, you have to collect these cue pieces. Each cue has about 4 Pieces to unlock to get its Basic Level. These cues offer better than any other cues.

one of the main feature of Legendary cues are their coin back. If you loose any match you will get back your coins. But its not easy to get these. You have to play and win plenty of matches to gain extra cash. In order to get Legendary Boxes. So, you will be able to collect these cues.

How to get Legendary Cues for Free?

You can get them free by Purchasing box using cash. In order to get cash you will need to win weekly leagues. You can try 2 cues by Just accessing to The Pro Membership Trial for free.

One way of getting free cues is by reward links. Reward Link enables to get these cues without any spending. Over the last years, Miniclip give plenty of free cues. Also now they are releasing reward Links.which contain cue Links.

Pool Fanatic Cue Reward links

Pool Fanatic cue is one of the most beautiful and most popular cue. The Reward Links was available for the last one year. but now, Unfortunately, You can not get it for free. You have to pay money to get it. If you want to spend money then go for it now.

8 Ball Pool Cue Reward

Here, I listed some of cue reward links over the past days Miniclip has given. More Links will be added in this Library as there any new cue reward release.

Steps to access Cue Reward

  1. Click on CLAIM NOW Link below.

  2. Wait for some seconds until page redirect you to 8 Ball Pool App if it is installed.

  3. Now after game load, Wait 2-3 Seconds until Cue Reward Popup shows in 8 Ball Pool

  4. Success! You have got your cue reward. Enjoy!

8 Ball Pool Heist cue Reward Link

Heist Cue is one of the best cue reward. This Reward Links contain 4x Pieces. By this way, You will unlock its basic feature, if you want more then Upgrade it.

Here is the Reward Link:


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